Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Facility Scheduler?

How do I reset my password?

Can I access Facility Scheduler from home?

Which browsers are supported by Facility Scheduler?

What should I do if I need access to a screen or feature?

What should I do if I have duplicate employees? (Error Message: Name and Domain must be unique)

How do I transfer an employee?

How do I attach an employee?

How do I add or edit an employee profile?

How do I add or edit a user profile?

How do I request a shift trade?

Why is the schedule Summary Period gray?

Where are the Department settings?

What is a Permission?

How do I access the Metrics Dashboard?

How do I split an assignment in the Daily Roster?

How do I enter census data in the Daily Roster?

Where are Reports?

What changes can I make to the Schedule?

What does it mean to "Browse a Need?"

How do I navigate in Facility Scheduler?

What do I need to know about interfaces with other applications?

How do I submit a request?

How do I define shifts for Open Needs?

How do I access HR Exceptions or Conflicts?